Harness the power of words in clear and engaging copy.

It doesn’t matter how exceptional your product or service may be if you’re unable to convey that brilliance through words. Copywriting experience and expertise thus become vital.

More and more of the world’s business are conducted without ever meeting customers face-to-face. The importance of being able to communicate effectively through the written word has never been greater.

We at Plume recognize that creating interesting and effective copy is key to our client’s success in business. And, keeping this in mind, the growing reliance on the internet as a conduit to our client’s customers makes it imperative that we stay on top of all the growing trends and changing rules in ecommerce and SEO.

Our copy is easy to read, yet captivating -- straightforward, yet creative. Above all, we take the time to thoroughly understand the message that our clients wish to deliver, and work closely with you to ensure that we have done our job to your satisfaction. And, we can often provide your company with the copy you need in as little as a day’s notice.

Copywriting serves as both an art and a craft. We pride ourselves on being able to create compelling copy for a range of products, services and industries. We’re up to the challenge of making our clients shine.

By working closely with our customers, we are often able to suggest ideas and enhancements to their messages that will better serve their needs.

Whether your company needs B2B or B2C communications that take the form of either digital or print materials, see what Plume can offer in the way of clear, engaging copywriting.


When your writing goes astray, we can help you get back on track.

Behind every successful author is a great editor. Some well-known authors have worked with one specific editor for years. The editor will learn how the writer thinks, using this knowledge in the editing process. Great editing cannot make a good book out of a bad one, but it can make disorganized but good prose into a tight, smoothly flowing and cohesive story.

But, even if you are not working on the next greatest novel, your writing can still benefit from employing the skills of an editor. Receive an objective opinion from someone that is qualified to make observations about your writing, with the know-how to provide you with solutions to your writing issues. Using the elements of good writing, such as flow, pacing, style, structure and logic, an editor can begin to put your words into a more easily read, logically flowing document.

At Plume, we’ve been editing everything from academic research papers to software technical manuals for many years. We know what the problems can be within a given genre of writing. We understand how a writer can get so focused on getting to the end of a document that they get sidetracked and lost in the words they are trying to say.

We can quickly pinpoint the reason your writing isn’t ‘working’ and go about the task of fixing it so the final version says what you originally intended it to say. Sometimes another set of eyes (backed with editing skills) is all you to make your work extremely worthwhile to read.


Polish your document to perfection, ensuring your writing success.

Proofreading should always be the final step before submitting a document for publication. But sometimes, even the best writers can lose themselves in their writing. They miss mistakes on the page and re-read their writing while only listening to the voice in their head. They’ve lost the objectivity needed to accurately proofread their own work.

The problem occurs when the writing they are producing is meant to represent their company. The mistakes that writers don’t see can harm the reputation of their firm or organization. A seemingly small spelling or grammatical error can diminish credibility and professionalism. In the worst cases, the mistakes can lead to the wrong understanding of the message by the reader.

This is where the proofreaders at Plume can help writers, whether they are working for a company or producing written work that represents themselves and their own ideas. Proofreading is the final step to ensure accuracy in a written document.

We write, proofread and edit on a daily basis. We maintain a solid knowledge of all the rules of spelling, grammar and punctuation, and we are trained to recognize any such errors on the written page. Writers for whom English is a second language are people we deal with on a regular basis, and we take extra care to make their work every bit as accurate a native English speaker.

We can clean up your writing quickly and easily; rest assured that you will submit only perfectly error-free written work for publication. We can even provide a same-day service for writers that need their documents proofread in a hurry in order to meet a deadline.

Present your work with confidence, whether you are creating the document for your company’s benefit or your own. We understand that your career may depend on the accuracy of your writing.

Corporate Communications

Maintain clarity and consistency in all your corporate communications.

At Plume we divide corporate communications into two categories – those written for internal use among the directors and staff, and those created for external shareholders, B2B, B2C and the public.

Whether the communications are internal or external in intent, they must maintain consistency and clarity in relaying the company’s message and values. In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, a lack of such qualities in either of these two categories is seen as a weakness, a sign that the company may not be united in their focus.

Internal communications take the form of company rules and regulations, directives signaling policy changes and articles establishing and underlining a corporate culture. Any deviation from consistency throughout these communications can confuse managers and employees, causing them to question the decisions of the company as a whole.

External communications take the forms of press releases, web content and blogs related to the company’s core business, articles concerning news and events about the company, and marketing and advertising materials. When these communications do not show a common thread maintaining the company’s message and values, investors can get nervous, share prices can drop and competitors can circle the company ready to take advantage of the perceived errors and weakness in management.

At Plume, our writers have worked with all varieties and levels of companies throughout our writing careers, from local startups to international Fortune 500 companies.

Through our experience we have learned that the most important quality we can bring to the area of corporate communications is to impress on our clients the need to stay ‘on point’. Companies must maintain a unified and consistent message throughout all of their corporate communications.

We take an objective view on what the company wants to say. From there, we craft carefully worded documents that are consistent in maintaining the company’s voice and direction.